Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salary gap widens between law grads headed for BigLaw and everyone else

So reported the online ABA Journal recently.  Here are the details:

A survey of the class of 2008 shows 23 percent of the graduates made $160,000, the amount the big law firms paid to newly minted associates, according to a press release by the National Association for Law Placement. But 42 percent earned between $40,000 and $65,000.

When the figures are placed on a graph, there are two peaks, one for those in the lower range and one for the higher range.

'Prior to 2000, starting salaries for new law school graduates were distributed along a more recognizable bell-shaped curve,' NALP says in the press release. 'Since that time, the peak on the right has marched steadily to the right while the peak on the left has remained more or less stationary.'

What's the solution?  Probably not more law schools.  Especially given this news

You can read the rest of the ABA Journal article here.

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