Thursday, July 9, 2009

History Videos on Legal Writing . . . Before the Legal Writing Institute!

LWI 25 The Legal Writing Institute is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a series of special events and commemorations.  Upcoming events include special recognition for LWI at a conference on the future of legal education being sponsored by The John Marshall Law School in Chicago (just before the ABA Annual Meeting), and a special tribute at the Scribes Luncheon in Chicago during the ABA Annual Meeting.

But for the many of you who are unable to attend those events, we are happy to share with you some videos taken by Professor Karin Mika of Cleveland State University School of Law.  Here's her description of the first of three videos that we are going to share with you here on the Legal Writing Prof Blog.

Before the creation of the Legal Writing Institute, the only professional organization available for Legal Writing professors to meet and discuss ideas was the Association of American Law Schools. Marjorie Rombauer, of the University of Washington, was the driving force in helping establish a section of the AALS that was dedicated primarily to discussing issues related to Legal Writing. Mary Lawrence became involved in the section when she began teaching at the University of Oregon in 1978, and together with Marjorie, worked toward professionalizing the teaching of Legal Writing

In this video, Marjorie and Mary talk about the field of Legal Writing as it existed in the years prior to the creation of the Legal Writing Institute.



You can also click here to see the video on You Tube, or use this link

Hat tip to Karin Mika.


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