Thursday, July 23, 2009


John kroger The Attorney General of Oregon, John Kroger, opened the Applied Legal Storytelling conference in Portland last night, telling a few stories from his book, Convictions.  He used to work as a federal prosecutor, and if you have ever stood in a courtroom, have ever taught or mentored people who will one day stand in a courtroom, or just enjoy amazing stories that happen to be true, you might want to find some time during lunch hour to get to the library or bookstore and find this book.  John doesn't just tell the stories of the cases, he tells the stories of the ethical decisions he faced during his cases, essentially the story of an attorney maturing within his profession.  I could go on and on about his excellent presentation, but then I'd miss the shuttle bus from beautiful downtown Portland to the Lewis & Clark law school for today's conference presentations.  (spl)

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Prosecutors consider ethics? That's a good one.

Posted by: Joseph Bazan | Jul 24, 2009 10:30:25 AM

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