Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "Top 10" most ridiculous lawsuits ever filed

Who doesn't like a "Top 10" list?  And with this one, you might even be able to find some good hypothetical research and writing problem material (in fact, I've used a problem based on # 8 for years - whether an online publisher of bomb-making plans can be held civilly liable for the death of a child killed while following the plans and # 10 sounds wicked interesting for anyone who likes John Cage and/or intellectual property).

The list is courtesy of the London Independent with a most appreciative hat tip to the Legal Blog Watch for hipping us to the story:

1.  Beers 'n Babes

2.  When all else fails, sue yourself

3.  The $65m pants

4.  Batman sues Batman

5.  The playboy pensioner

6.  Hit and sue

7.  You're too famous!

8.  Natural born suers

9.  Give me my kidney back!

10. The sound of silence    

I am the scholarship dude.


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Stories like this bother me. If the story was "10 most ridiculous plaintiffs' jury verdicts that were upheld on the appellate level," I could buy it. However, as we all should know, ANYONE can file a lawsuit. A cursory Lexis search reveals lawsuits filed against God, Jesus, alien John Does, George Washington (filed long after GW was dead), etc.

Nutty people (and a few nutty lawyers) certainly file nutty cases, but highlighting these relative few skews perceptions about the alleged problems in the tort system. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I suspect that behind every one of these "most ridiculous lawsuit" stories, there is an insurance company laughing at how easily they have been able spread the legend of an ambulance chaser hiding at every corner.

Posted by: Lenny B. | Jun 26, 2009 10:43:59 AM

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