Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some universities start a valet parking service for students (and faculty)

File this under "you gotta be kidding me!"  But yes, friends, it's true - some universities have started to offer a valet service to assist students, faculty and visitors who are either having trouble finding a parking spot or are just running late for class.  According to the website of  the University of Southern California:

Running late to class? Late for a meeting? Can’t find parking? Don’t stress!
USCTransportation now offers DAILY valet parking services.

As Robin Leach might say, "but the luxurious pampering doesn't stop there for those students lucky enough to be attending Florida International University" because they even offer a car wash and wax service so you can step into a sparkling new ride once classes are over.

"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams" indeed.

Whatever happened to getting to campus early enough to find a parking space?  And how long before this trend hits law school campuses?

Hat tip to Inside Higher Ed.

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Actually, the USC valet (the only one I know of) is virtually next to the law school. It's been there for at least the past few years. That said, I've never heard of anyone from the law school using it (professors or students). My guess is that it caters mostly to VIP guests coming in to either speak or to attend fundraising bashes.

Despite outrageous tuition and deep pocketed alumni, I imagine the university is hurting for cash just like everywhere else, so they've decided to push it a little harder.

Posted by: usc 3L | Jun 26, 2009 10:48:36 AM

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