Friday, June 5, 2009

report #5 from Lone Star

Our next two concurrent sessions featured a discussion of academic support and of an integrated LRW program.

Marta Miller (Texas Wesleyan) described her presentation as follows:

This presentation will introduce and provide instruction on how to implement a one-to-one peer tutoring program. The tutoring program provides students with individual attention and accountability based on a particular student’s circumstances, learning style, and goals. As such, it works in conjunction with, but goes beyond, a traditional Law School Academic Support group.

The peer tutoring program involves one-on-one tutoring relationships using a series of lesson plans that are designed to help the 1-L students learn the process of getting to the core skills needed to succeed in law school.  During the relationship, both the tutor and the student also have the opportunity to evaluate each other for motivation, effectiveness, responsibility shown, etc.

Grace Mills and Mary Trevor (Hamline) described their presentation as follows:

The Legal Research and Writing Program at Hamline University School of Law has coordinated the teaching of 1st year law students between the legal writing professors and the librarians. We feel that our integrated approach not only effectively takes advantage of the respective skills of the writing professors, the librarians, and upperclass students, but also conveys important messages to the students. We will examine the strengths of the present LRW program and discuss how this Hamline approach could easily be adapted within other academic law schools.

And then it was time for lunch . . .


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