Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photos from the 10th Anniversary Burton Awards for Legal Writing Excellence

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The Burton Awards were given out on Monday, June 15th, at a grand event at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  This is a major national event in the legal writing community.

This year's event also marked the 10th anniversary of these now extremely prestigious awards that recognize excellence in legal writing (and its teaching).
Burtonawards 055 Burtonawards 056 We previously posted a video here on this blog of the award presentation for Outstanding Contribution to Legal Writing Education to Professor Richard K. Neumann, Jr., of Hofstra Law School.  Click here to see that video.  Professor Anne Kringel of the University of Pennsylvania Law School gave a touching introduction of Richard before the presentation of his his award.  

We are now able to share with you these additional photos from that evening, courtesy of our good friend Ralph Brill of Chicago Kent College of Law. 

Click on any photo to enlarge it.
Burtonawards 034 Burtonawards 064 In these pictures, Virginia Wise of Harvard Law School bestows the Book of the Year in Law Award to Justice Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner.  They then held an interview with Bill Press, a radio host, on how they came to write the book, and the writing process.
Other awards were bestowed on Hon. Judith S. Kaye, Chief Judge, New York Court of Appeals (retired) for Lifetime Reform in Law; Chairman Sheila C. Bair, FDIC, Regulatory Innovation; David E. Kelley, Lifetime Writing in Law and Entertainment; and individual awards for outstanding writing to individual lawyers, general counsel, and law students.  Students Burtonawards 067 Burtonawards 068 from the following schools received the awards:  Columbia, Cornell, Creighton, George Mason, Georgetown, Seattle, Stetson, Temple, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Vanderbilt.
Burtonawards 069 Burtonawards 077 In the other pictures you can see some of the notable legal writing personalities who attended the dinner and ceremony, including Nancy Schultz, Grace Tonner, Amy Sloan, Eric Easton, ALWD Citation Goddess Darby Dickerson, Karin Mika, and Lyn Goering.
Hat tip to Ralph Brill!


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