Thursday, May 14, 2009

what to do when the power comes back on

I promised to blog when I got a cup of hot tea again.  Six days almost to the minute that the "inland hurricane" hit, we had power restored.  (It can't technically be called a hurricane, because that's a coastal storm and, perhaps, more important, because nobody in southern Illinois insures against hurricanes.)  I once again plan to spend the afternoon at home, with a diminishing stack of papers to finish grading and a cup of hot tea at the ready. 

For future reference for all you legal writing professors out there, it is very difficult to focus on critiquing student writing while also helping your neighborhood clean fallen trees out of the street, off of roofs, off of cars, and out of yards, followed by evenings of refrigerator triage, creative grilling, and cold showers.  Should you ever find yourself in this situation, cut yourself some slack if your papers-graded-per-day rate gets cut in half.

And hey everyone, while you're thinking about it, check your emergency supply of flashlight batteries, candles, and bottled water. 


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