Monday, May 4, 2009

a Kindle-r, gentler way to carry law books?

So we hear that Amazon has scheduled a press event for Wednesday, April 6, and some say it's to announce the release of a new--and of course, improved--but more importantly, BIGGER Kindle. It's said the bigger format is ideal for newspapers, magazines, and textbooks.

Free_at_last Does this news presage the end of law student scoliosis caused by lugging backpacks full of casebooks? Will it doom the rolling carry-ons favored by others?

Some law texts are already available in electronic versions. It remains to be seen whether their publishers will strike a deal with Amazon to reach the Kindle market. They may have too much existing commitment to proprietary software, such as AspenLaw StudyDesk.

hat tip on Kindle announcement: Tracy McGaugh (via Twitter)


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E-books are inevitable. I have a Sony ebook, and all my law books are on it (since the publishers will make them available to me as a professor). (The Sony ebook's advantage over the Kindle is that it will take virtually any format but Amazon's Kindle format, so pdf versions can easily be formatted to be read on it). I don't have to carry the enormous weight of all my books. For students, e-books will be cheaper -- no cost for paper, ink, printing, shipping, etc. Not only are they inevitable, they ought to be here already. The students could already read them on their laptops.

Posted by: Peter Friedman | May 5, 2009 8:31:22 AM

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