Thursday, May 7, 2009

List of "Top 10" most innovative law schools

This one comes to us, once again, from our good friends at the Law Librarian blogPreLaw Magazine has named the following schools as most innovative based on a survey of law school deans:  Chicago Kent, DePaul, Gonzaga, New York Law School, St. Louis Univ., Seattle, Syracuse, Touro, Detroit-Mercy and Washington & Lee.

Joe Hodnicki adds the following commentary:

Social Media Law Student blog writes, 'those advocating the use of social media in the legal profession may have a bit of an uphill battle when a law school named top 10 most innovative law school in America' [i.e., Saint Louis Univ.] seems to show little knowledge about web 2.0 technologies. See Does Top 10 Most Innovative Law School in America Get Social Media? In St. Louis University's defense, the scope of the pre-Law survey was law school innovation generally, not just innovation in information technology, services and web communications. That would be a different survey, one, perhaps, Social Media Law Student should do. Might be interesting.

I am the scholarship dude.


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