Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LexisNexis: free access to firm-deferred 09 grads in public service

633766015522128883LexisNexis has announced that it will provide free database access to qualifying 2009 graduates whose employers have deferred their employment start dates. LexisNexis access will include federal and state cases, codes, regulations, and law reviews. 

The ASPIRE (Associates Serving Public Interests REsearch) Program has stringent criteria for qualification. Applicants must demonstrate that they are 2009 graduates whose firm start dates have been delayed, and that they are pursuing verifiable public interest work. LexisNexis requires documentation confirming applicants' eligibility for the program, i.e., letters from the firm or the public interest organization. Upon receipt of the necessary paperwork, LexisNexis will reactivate the applicant's former LEXIS student ID.


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