Friday, May 29, 2009

Lex Opus - Free Online Submission of Your Law Review Articles

LexOpus is a new service at Washington and Lee Law School offering free online submissions to law journals. Authors can submit articles to all interested law journals, inviting journals to make offers. Journals are able to limit by subject matter the articles that they see as open to offers.  Alternatively, authors can submit work to a specific list of journals on LexOpus making a short-term exclusive offer to each law journal in sequence. For non-peer-reviewed journals 'short term' is one week.  Author offers continue past each journal's exclusive period, on a non-exclusive basis, until rejected by the journal or withdrawn by the author, but any journal with an exclusive period always has acceptance priority.  An author can make a work 'open to offers' as well as submit to specific journals, or can do one or the other. As the system does permit uploading of revisions authors might make working papers open to offers and then, if no acceptable offers have been received, when the finished work is available submit that version to specific law journals.  Works can be suppressed from public view if the author so desires.

Hat tip to John Doyle at Washington and Lee Law School


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