Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Videogames prove addictive - literally - what are implications for classroom surfing?

Here's an interesting story from yesterday's Washington Post reporting that researchers have concluded that approximately 1 in 10 some video-gamers show symptoms of addictive behavior that can interfere with life activities and lead to "lying to family and friends about how much they play games, using the games to escape their problems, and becoming restless or irritable when they stop playing."

"They may also skip homework to play videogames or spend too much time playing the games and do poorly in school" according to the story

Perhaps this research helps dispel the notion, even if only to a small extent, that surfing the net during class is nothing more than the manifestation of bored students who long for a more interesting teacher. That certainly may be true in some - or even many instances - but it isn't always true and that's the point.  The internet - it isn't your grandfather's classroom distraction.

Hat tip to BNA Internet Law News.

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