Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video project documents the lives of eight 1L's as they make their way through law school

This sounds amazing - like the Michael Apted "Up" series but focusing instead on law students.  I wish I had the time to preview it for you (too busy Twittering, I guess).  Maybe some of you can leave your thoughts and comments below after watching it.

This project, called The Trials of Law School, comes to us from the Social Media Law Student blog and is described as follows:

The Trials of Law School provides a captivating and real, in depth look at eight students, with different backgrounds and expectations, through their first year of law school as they encounter a new language, a new way of thinking, and a new way of life.

A heart-felt look at the lives of eight students, the film captures both the stress and emotion, both inside the classroom and out, as they try to juggle family and relationships with school commitments. These students, including a single mother looking for a fresh start, a husband and father of four, and a military wife trying to raise six children, compete with competitive and highly successful peers for grades and jobs that will determine their future.

Their journey is contrasted with insight from over 25 acclaimed law professors and legal scholars from around the country.

In an equation set up for disappointment and failure, some succeed and some don’t, and others learn to redefine success. Who will make it, who won’t?

Read and watch the whole thing here.

A big 'ol hat tip to Stephanie West Allen - please check out her blog at idealawg.

I am the scholarship dude.


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Thanks for the hat tip and blog recommendation! I appreciate the links.

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Oops - so sorry! I'll make the correction now.


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