Friday, April 24, 2009

USNWR legal writing rankings - love or hate 'em, Deans embrace 'em

It hasn't taken long for Deans at those schools with legal writing programs ranked by USNWR to begin touting their place on the list.  Here's a partial run-down of press releases:

If the rankings have led to more resources for your program or other tangible benefits, you need to thank Professor Jan Levine.  Although he took a lot of heat for lobbying USNWR to include legal writing among the specialty program rankings, his intent was always to help legal writing gain more legitimacy in the academy.  I consider Professor Levine to be the Dark Knight of legal writing - and I mean that with the utmost respect and admiration.

Remember - we're soliciting your thoughts on the rankings here and we'll publish the most interesting ones (anonymous comments are just that - we really don't know who you are - really).

Hat tip to our good buddy Professor Paul Caron at the TaxProf Blog for compiling a partial list of law school USNWR press releases - either that guy never sleeps or he's got one heck of an efficient webcrawler.

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