Thursday, April 2, 2009

The "stoned professor" update

A few days ago, we reported on the pitfalls of videotaping one's class to the extent it winds up on YouTube.  To cement the point, we also blogged about a University of Florida professor who was apparently fired for appearing "stoned" in a class videotape that ended up on the internet. 

The stories were picked up by both the ABA Journal and Above the Law.

Just a few moments ago, I was mentioning the story in my legal writing class and "holy-six-degrees-of-separation-Batman!"  - turns out one of my students actually had the professor in question and was in the classroom seen on YouTube.  According to him, the professor had received a previous warning from the administration and was indeed fired the day after the tape surfaced for allegedly being drunk, rather than stoned, in class.  He also said that the YouTube snippet doesn't begin to convey the full extent of the problem.

But perhaps the biggest revelation is how acutely tuned some of my students are to the subtle differences between the symptoms of being drunk versus being stoned.  Several students concluded from the tape that the professor appeared drunk, not stoned, because the giddiness, the slurring of speech, body language, etc. are more indicative of alcohol consumption than marijuana use which typically manifests itself in more mellow ways, according to them. 

Kudos to my students for demonstrating such keen analytical powers.

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