Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scholarship alert: "Law Firm Legal Research Requirements for New Attorneys"

Thanks to our very good buddies at the Law Librarian blog for tipping us to this new article by Associate Library Director Patrick Meyer of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.   Here's the abstract:

This article collects in one place the results of previously published and unpublished surveys as they pertain to law firm research requirements of new hires. The article also summarizes results from the author's recent law firm legal research survey, which determined what research functions, and in what formats, law firms require new hires to be proficient.

The article concludes that there is a need to integrate the teaching of online and print-based research resources for the following tasks: federal and state-specific legislative codes, secondary source materials, reporters, administrative codes and digests. There must also be a strong emphasis on the teaching of cost-effective research strategies.

The full article is available on SSRN here.

Please visit the Law Librarian blog when you get a chance, eh?  We support them;they support us.  That's how it works in the 'ol blogosphere.

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