Friday, April 10, 2009

lawyers: follow the rules and proofread!

To pique your interest, an excerpt from a recent opinion from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals--the bold is the court's language:

¶13 Hudec’s problems in this court do not stop with his ignoring the rules of appellate practice. In the table of contents of his principal brief, he states the first issue is:

Did the trial court err in granting a default Judgment where

a timely answer was filed but mistakenly in an early draft

form that did Respond to all causes of action?

Skipping to the statement on oral argument and publication, Hudec writes:

In this case, the attorney dictate final changes over the

should of a secretary who then printed off an earlier draft

and that mistake was not caught prior to signing the


We will not detail other errors. We are left shaking our heads! Frankly, we are at a loss to understand what is clearly Hudec’s intentional disregard of the rules and the details, including his failure to proofread.

Let's just say that the opinion goes on in a similar vein, including a helpful reference to an online writing center.


hat tip: Christopher G. Wren



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