Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Law student who didn't pay back college loans denied admission to New York bar

This story comes to us from our very good buddy Professor Mitch Rubinstein at the Adjunct Law Prof blog.   According to Professor Rubinstein:

[The] moral of this case is that law students should expect to be required to pay back their student loans and, if they do not, very unpleasant circumstances will follow. Was this an extreme case? Of course it was. However, where is the line between this case and another case where a student has not repaid his or her loans? I do not know where that line is and would not want to be the person who is drawing it.

Additionally, law students will hopefully become lawyers one day. Your name means something. You would not want it to be documented that you have not repaid your loans. If this case is not enough motivation for you, I also can tell you that many employers would not want to hire someone who is not repaying their loans. Would you??

Please pay the Adjunct Law Prof blog a visit now 'n again.  They're good people.

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