Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If April is the cruelest month, March was no walk in the park either


Especially if you're an attorney.  After the dust settled in the month just passed, you could add another 3,500 attorneys and staff to the funeral pyre.  All told, 7,000 have lost their jobs since January 1 and as we reported yesterday, despite all the cost-cutting to date, law firm managing partners remain pessimistic about the future.  

Folks, let there be no doubt about it - this is the worst market for lawyers anyone can remember and some are predicting the profession is headed for an economic reset that will result in permanent change in the overall demand for lawyers and how much they earn.

To help you better understand what it's like for a recently laid-off law grad who is having to cope with all the bad news, be sure to read a column carried by Above the Law called Notes From the Breadline.  It's really good, if distressing, reading.  

Here are some other miscellaneous signs 'o the times:

A legal job fair in New Jersey that will bring together public interest employers who don't pay and the unemployed or those with deferred start dates who would rather work for free than remain idle.   

A new employment service that aims to be the Craigslist for attorneys by offering a chance to bid on temp work. 

A column in the ABA Journal that asks:  How are You Keeping Yourself and Others from Despairing?

When you find an answer, please let me know.

Hat tips to the ABA Journal blog, Above the Law and the National Law Journal.

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