Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Black's Law Dicitionary added to iTunes

You knew this was coming - West is now making Black's Law Dictionary available through iTunes.  That's right, friends, you now have the ability to look up arcane legal expressions on the spot using your iPhone when the judge or opposing counsel throws them at you during oral argument.

According to the ABA Journal Blog, West is charging $49.99 for this app which seems quite reasonable to me given the cost of alternatives. As the ABA story further notes:

That's still a break off the Amazon price for print, which is listed at more than $52 ($195 for a second edition reprint) and the digital version, which is going for $80.

Dan Bennett, senior director of New Product Technology at West, said in the statement that lawyers and law students can expect more apps from West soon.

I am the scholarship dude.

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