Monday, March 9, 2009

Vote for the "Big Law" word of the year!

Here's an interesting little contest being run by the legal news site The Daily Report.  (You'll have to register to enter but it don't cost nothin' so what 'ya waitin' fer?).  They're holding a contest to determine the best "Big Law" word of 2008.  According to the site, Merriam-Webster and the American Dialect Society have already picked "bail-out"as the layperson word of the year.   

Now it's your chance to obtain immortality by being the lucky winner to pick the legal equivalent.  Some suggestions provided by the Daily Report's columnist known as the Snark include:

De-equitization or de-equitized. For those of you who may not be familiar with this concept, de-equitization is the process by which an equity partner who shares in the profits of the firm is demoted to a glorified associate.

Poo-Poo or Poo-pooed. I first heard it used by a partner well over a year ago, but I thought it may have been an isolated incident. He said, 'I need to call the client and ask what he thinks of my proposed strategy, but I am worried he will 'poo-poo' it before I get a chance to explain.' I thought it odd to hear a grown man, a highly educated partner at a large law firm, use 'poo-poo' as a verb to describe the actions of an in-house lawyer from a Fortune 100 client.

Whiplash. This word summarizes the feeling many of us Cogs employed by Big Law experienced this year after starting the year enjoying unprecedented raises and ending the year hoping for continued employment, or at least a decent severance. Other words in this category include 'roller coaster,' 'instability' and 'What-the- . . . !?'

If a legal writing professor doesn't at least place in this competition, I'll eat my ballpoint.

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