Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today's generation is taking lay-offs especially hard

There's an interesting short article in the ABA Journal called "For the Affirmation Generation, Layoffs Hurt all the More" describing how the generation that grew up with "lots of affirmation and rewards" may be having even more difficulty than usual dealing with these difficult times.  The ABA article links to a longer one published in the National Law Journal entitled "Laid-off Lawyers Find Themselves Adrift."

This excerpt from the NLJ piece sets the mood:

A 2008 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, [Megan] Logsdon worked in the corporate practice group at Thacher Proffitt for just two months before she learned that the 160-year-old law firm was going out of business. She knew that it was troubled when it decided to delay her start date, but since she had already committed to a full-time position and had given up options at other law firms, she pushed ahead, only to get cut loose eight weeks after she started. Many of the attorneys in her practice group got jobs at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, but they didn't take new associates, she said. Her pay ran out on Feb. 20.

"It's super stressful," said Logsdon, 28. "Right now, I'm looking for any kind of paid legal work, and I'm going to start looking for volunteer work."

She has sent out dozens of résumés and is willing to relocate for a legal job, she said. She applied for one position in Bethel, Alaska, population 6,000.

"I would work anywhere," she said.

Hat tip ABA Journal Blog.

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