Monday, March 30, 2009

The library of the future - don't count books out just yet.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed is reporting an interesting debate going on at Stanford over what the research library of the future should look like.  The discussion is the result of the administration's decision in 2007 to tear down the Meyer Library and replace it with a digitized, bookless "academic computing center." That decision, which has since been scuttled, provoked an outcry from the faculty who argued that the book is not yet dead. 

Instead of a digitized facility with books stored off-site, the Stanford faculty "made a series of highly reasonable and well-argued proposals. Guiding them is a belief . . . that books aren't going away, we need them and shall continue to do so for a long time to come, and we cannot pit digital tools against book culture."  Instead, the solution calls for a library of the future that incorporates digital resources, books and a hybrid concept that involves creating computer generated holographic 3-D images of books (!).

You can read the whole mind-blowing concept here.

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