Thursday, February 12, 2009

why law school library directors should be tenured

Spencersimons Of natural interest to legal writing professors,  Spencer Simons, at the University of Houston, has written an article explaining "What Interests are Served When Academic Law Library Directors are Tenured Law Faculty? An Analysis and Proposal".  Here's his abstract: 

"A question of increasing concern is whether academic law library directors should be tenured law faculty. ABA standard 603(d) provides that directors should hold faculty appointments with security of faculty position, and not in the administrative position of director. Nonetheless, some directors are not tenured or tenure-track law faculty. Many believe the number of directors hired on other than tenure-track appointments is increasing. The article discusses the anomalous position of directors, presents original research results on scholarly productivity and teaching of directors, explores whether the traditional rationales for academic tenure apply to directors, evaluates directors' stated reasons for seeking tenure, and analyzes the functional benefits and disadvantages of director tenure for directors, faculty, and administrations. A form of employment providing the functional benefits of the tenure process, while ameliorating the problems of tenure, is proposed."


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