Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer job offers for law students drop by one-third

According to this press release issued by the National Association of Law Placement ("NALP").   While overall legal recruiting has been down substantially, to say the least, 2L recruiting has been especially hard hit: 

The most dramatic impact of the current economic situation on legal employment opportunities was on the numbers that describe the fall recruiting of 2Ls for summer 2009 positions. Across employers of all sizes, the median number of offers extended dropped dramatically from 15 in fall of 2007 to 10 in fall of 2008. At the largest firms — firms with more than 700 lawyers firm-wide — the median number of offers dropped from 30 to 18.5. Similarly, the percent of callback interviews resulting in offers for summer spots fell precipitously to 46.6% from a figure that had hovered at or above 60% for the three years prior. Not surprisingly, the offer acceptance rate also jumped. At 32.5%, it is the highest rate recorded since 2002.

Although the news is grim, there will always be a demand for law students with solid research and writing skills.  If students hope to compete at all in the new economic realities of the legal marketplace, they need to take their legal writing courses more seriously than ever.

Hat tip to the ABA Journal Blog.

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