Friday, February 27, 2009

Law Schools Invited to Sponsor the 2010 Legal Writing Institute (LWI) Conference

The 14th Biennial Conference of the Legal Writing Institute will be held from June 27-30, 2010 at the Marco Island Resort, Marco Island, Florida.  Because this will be the first LWI Biennial Conference not hosted at a law school, the LWI has decided to create new opportunities for law schools around the country to show their support for legal writing programs.

The 2010 Conference Committee is soliciting proposals from law schools willing to contribute money or services in support of our conference, in exchange for prominent recognition in the conference program and on an on-site sponsor board (or other) recognition.  School sponsorships can take several forms:

  • Basic Sponsorship level ($500) – Sponsors at this level will receive recognition in the conference program, and they will be listed on an on-site sponsor board. They will also have the opportunity to provide an LRW program brochure, flier, or other item in the conference "goodie bag."
  • Room Sponsorship level ($750) – Room sponsors will have the opportunity to sponsor a presentation room for one day of the conference.  The room sponsor will be announced during the first session of the day, and a sign outside the sponsored room will indicate that the technology for that room was sponsored by XYZ School of Law.  In addition to these sponsorship benefits, room sponsors will also receive all of the same sponsorship benefits as the Basic-Level sponsors.  The conference organizers anticipate having five or six presentation rooms per day, and each room will have only one sponsor, so the number of room sponsorships available is limited.
  • Gold Sponsorship (amount varies) -- Schools are invited to sponsor the goodie bags, snack breaks, or a meal. The amounts for these types of sponsorships will depend on the cost of the item sponsored. 

The conference organizers will also consider "in kind" sponsorships as well (valuable services donated by a law school that relieves the conference of an equivalent expense). All "in kind" sponsorships will receive at least the Basic Level recognition, or greater recognition depending upon the value of the services donated.

For more information on sponsorships (and to lock in one or more of those sure-to-go-fast room sponsorships), contact one of the Conference Co-Chairs, Ken Chestek and Alison Julien, or Michael Higdon, Chair of the LWI Conference Finance Committee.  And be sure that you save the 2010 dates for the LWI conference.  It simply is a legal writing event not to be missed.


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