Friday, February 27, 2009

Facebook wants you! (to help them draft a user's bill of rights)

After last week's PR fiasco in which Facebook surreptitiously changed its user agreement to grant itself a license in perpetuity to all photographs, copyrighted material and other intellectual property posted by its users, the social networking giant is trying to redeem itself by asking you, the user, to help them draft a "User's Bill of Rights."  As explained by

The proposed 'Facebook Principles' cover such topics as the 'freedom to share and connect,' 'fundamental equality' and 'ownership and control of information.' Facebook users, now numbering 175 million around the world, are being invited to review, comment on and ultimately vote on the proposals in 'a virtual town hall' over the next 30 days.

Legal writing professors, including the Legal Writing Institute itself, have a large presence on Facebook.  So here's your chance to live the fantasy of drafting, in effect, an online constitution that will govern the rights of a not insignificant percentage of the world's population.  So get going you megalomaniac - the clock is ticking!

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I am the scholarship dude.


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