Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Books to Recommend for Students Who Will Clerk for Federal or State Court Judges

Law_clerk_handbookAppellate_clerk  Here are two books to recommend to students who will be clerking for federal or state courts.  One is the Federal District Court Law Clerk Handbook and the other is the Federal Appellate Court Law Clerk Handbook.  Although the books are explicitly federal in focus, there is a great deal of information in here that will help students clerking for state court judges.  Both books are published by the American Bar Association, and special student pricing is available.  You can even order pdfs of the books instead of purchasing them if want to get an additional discount or if you cannot wait for the book to be delivered to you.  Go to the ABA Webstore and search for "Law Clerk" in their book titles (you will also find other titles of interest to law clerks).  Students can buy their own copies of these books (they are cheaper than most Aba textbooks these days), but they are probably already available to students in your school's law library.  Students who are going to clerk for a federal or state court judge will hopefully know how to find a book in your law library.  (If they don't, we're ALL in trouble!)


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Great book suggestions for future federal clerks! One more that might be helpful is Harry T. Edwards & Linda A. Elliott, Federal Standards of Review (Thomson West 2007), which helps students to understand in detail the framework of appellate decision making.

Posted by: Ursula Weigold | Feb 5, 2009 5:52:44 AM

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