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More Photos from the AALS Annual Meeting -- The Blackwell and Golden Pen Awards

AalslogoRalph Brill has sent us some more photos from the legal writing events at the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools.  Here they are.  You can also click here for another post of photos from the AALS.  As with that earlier post, you can just click on any of the photos to enlarge them.  Additionally, we have a video (!!!) of the AALS Section Award Presentation to Richard K. Neumann Jr., taken by Karin Mika of Cleveland State University -- click here for the link to that video.

Picture_052_2  1.  The Legal Writing Institute and the Association of Legal Writing Directors present an annual award in memory of Thomas Blackwell of the Appalachian School of Law.  Professor Blackwell was active in both LWI and ALWD.  The award this year was presented to Linda H. Edwards of Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law and a visiting professor at the University of Nevada William S. Boyd School of Law.  She has taught legal writing long enough to satisfy the Rule Against Perpetuities.  Her articles, books, and conference presentations are well known to the legal writing community.  Not as well known are her karaoke skills and her stand-up comedy routines, so we're fortunate to have this rare photo of her performing live at the New Children's Museum in San Diego.  (Linda DID tell me a very funny light bulb joke . . . a genre of humor that we enjoy at each Blackwell Award Ceremony in memory of Tom, who enjoyed such jokes tremendously.)

Blackwell_award_2 2.  Presenting the award to Linda Edwards are (left) Judith M. Stinson, Clinical Professor of Law at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law and President of the Association of Legal Writing Directors, and Ruth Anne Robbins (right), Clinical Professor of Law at Rutgers University School of Law, Camden and President of the Legal Writing Institute.  Not included in this photo are Ruth Anne's silver shoes, which she wore in honor of the Silver Anniversary of the Legal Writing Institute.

3.  Picture_055_2 The second award of the evening was the Golden Pen Award presented by the Legal Writing Institute as part of its outreach efforts on behalf of the legal writing community.  This year the award went to the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG).  This was the first time that the Golden Pen was presented to an organization rather than an individual.  (I think that's a great idea and want to suggest that we should start giving out TWO golden pen awards--or maybe even more--for categories such as "individual" and "organization").  Accepting the award on behalf of NAAG is Dan Schweitzer, NAAG Supreme Court Counsel, who like Linda Edwards, is rarely photographed while singing karaoke.

Picture_056_54.  A reception followed the event (actually it also started the event) at the New Children's Museum.  It was a lovely event, and I'm glad that it started a little bit after the other law school receptions that evening so that people could attend their own schools' programs and then come on over to the LWI-ALWD event.  Next year the AALS will meet in New Orleans, which offers many wonderful locations where the event could be held.  (If YOU have ideas on a good location for us in January 2010, please let us know!)

AALS Section Chair Louis J. Sirico Jr. of Villanova University School of Law and others at his school produced the program for the evening.  (I have a couple of extra copies of it in case you would like me to mail one to you.)

The Blackwell Award Committee was chaired by Ruth Vance (Valparaiso) and included Coleen Barger (University of Arkansas and a co-blogger here on the Legal Writing Prof Blog), Mary Beth Beasley (Ohio State), Lisa Blackwell, Susan H. Duncan (Louisville - Brandeis), Terrill Pollman (UNLV - Boyd), Diana Pratt (formerly at Wayne State), and Lou Sirico (Villanova).

The Golden Pen Committee was chaired by Susan Thrower (DePaul) and included Leah Christensen (Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and who magnificently found the Children's Museum location for our event), Kirsten Davis (Stetson), Sonia Bychkov Green (The John Marshall Law School Chicago), Hether MacFarlane (University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law), Lou Sirico (Villanova), and Christopher Wren (Wisconsin Department of Justice Criminal Appeals Unit).  I served as board liaison as a member of the Legal Writing Institute Board.

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the Golden Pen Award, which was first presented in January 2000 to Arthur Levitt, then Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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