Tuesday, January 13, 2009

citations to unusual sources

You know how sometimes you need to cite a source that you've never cited before? Something that makes you go hunting in the index of the ALWD Citation Manual or The Bluebook, but that you just can't find?Magic8ball

PMLA (the PostModern Language Association) provides a great (and hilarious) service in modeling  "Alternative Source Citations." What kinds of alternative sources, you ask? How about rest-stop restroom graffiti? Magic 8-balls? tattoos? "epithets hollered out car windows"?

P.S. If you enjoy the citation page, you might also enjoy PMLA's "Textual Healing" page, which answers the "thorniest usage inquiries and conundrums."


hat tip: the (new) legal writer (citing Southern Appeal). Speaking of citation questions: Is this hatp tip + parenthetical the best way to cite (known as "hat tipping" in blog parlance) a source that hat tips another source?


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