Sunday, September 14, 2008

Get the jump on finding a hotel room for the January AALS meeting in San Diego.

Aalslogo In an exclusive for readers of this blog, AALS has quietly opened hotel registration for the annual meeting this January in San Diego.  The annual meeting is already surrounded in controversy as several organizations, lead by the Legal Writing Institute, are boycotting one of the designated conference hotels - the Grand Hyatt - because of the owner's alleged support of a California anti-gay marriage referendum on this year's November ballot.  LWI's stand on this issue can be read here  while the position of AALS is found here.

Because so many attendees will likely be avoiding the Grand Hyatt due to the controversy, demand for the other designated conference hotel, the San Diego Marriott, will likely be exceptionally high (although the scholarship dude has heard unsubstantiated reports that the owner of the San Diego Grand Hyatt may also have a financial interest in the Marriott as well.  That is something you - the reader - may need to more thoroughly investigate if you have concerns). 

For the record, neither the scholarship dude, nor the blog-masters, endorse the San Diego Marriott.  Rather, we are merely purveying information about the availability of online hotel registration to our readers before it "hits the street" should you have an interest in getting a jump on the competition.

I am the scholarship dude.


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Are You Going to Hire a Faculty Research Assistant This Year?

If you have a research assistant, you might want to have them download this article on "Should You Be A Faculty Research Assistant?"  (Don't just give them a copy of the article -- give them the link instead to teach them how to use SSRN as a research tool!)  The article explains to law students (1) why they should want to be a faculty research assistant, (2) how to go about finding a job as a faculty research assistant, and (3) how to be a good faculty research assistant.

If you are in the market to hire a faculty research assistant, I think you should ask those applying for the job to download the article as well.  In your job interviews, ask them for their views on how they can be an effective research assistant for you.  You will quickly separate those who are taking the job just as a resume builder from those who recognize the job as a serious opportunity.

If the students have not previously used SSRN for research, they might need to register their email address.  I think teaching SSRN to students is a valuable supplement to other electronic and print research sources students are learning to use.


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job opening(s) at Michigan

The University of Michigan Law School seeks applicants for one or more openings for the position of Clinical Assistant Professor of Law beginning in the 2009-2010 academic year. The Law School will be hiring at least one professor, and maybe more, to teach in the Legal Practice Program.

The Legal Practice Program is a first-year, five-unit, two-semester program that integrates legal analysis, research, writing, advocacy, and other aspects of the practice of law. The position is a twelve-month, non-tenure-track contract appointment. The initial contract length is two years. Professors are then eligible for an additional two-year contract, after which professors are eligible for successive three-year contracts. Base salary range is $60,000-69,999.

Applicants should have excellent academic records and extensive legal research and writing experience. Prior teaching experience is highly advantageous but not essential. The appointments are open to practicing attorneys, judicial clerks, and other persons having at least three years of legal experience following graduation from law school. 

To apply, send a letter of application, a resume, a writing sample, examples of teaching materials (if applicable), and the names and phone numbers of three professional references to Philip Frost, Director, Legal Practice Program, University of Michigan Law School, 625 S. State St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1215. If you prefer to e-mail your application, you may send application materials to Rachel Croskery-Roberts, Associate Director, Legal Practice Program, at Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2008.


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