Friday, December 19, 2008

a high-school writing assignment that gives me hope . . .

I was visiting my cousins in CA this past weekend, and my 14-year-old cousin showed me an assignment in his English class (in the work documents category):  to revise a grading rubric to make it more effective pedagogically.

His teacher first showed them the original rubric and had them apply it to an assignment so that they would understand how it worked in practice.  They then discussed concerns about whether the rubric was effective and her goals for revision.  My cousin was busy at work on this assignment while I was there--talking about categories ranging from content to form, the merits of numbers-based versus descriptive words for evaluation, etc.  He said that his teacher planned to use some of the students' ideas for a new rubric to be used on class assignments.

I saw lots of good ideas in the exercise and am hopeful that this crop of students might eventually be in our law school classrooms!


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