Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the joy of lightbulb moments

I've been conferencing with students over the past couple of weeks, and I'm here to attest to the joy of the lightbulb moment.  To see if others share my experience, I did a web search and found this review of a book that looks great (Self Development and College Writing, by Nick Tingle).  The review of it begins with an overview of lightbulb moments, then discusses the book, which looks at a writing pedagogy based on psychoanalytical theory.  The review then says,

"Using examples of student writing developed from his course assignments, Tingle advocates for a theoretical stance and instructional strategies designed to help students experience light bulb moments, provoking larger intellectual transitions. His examples help to remind us—whether in our hallway conversations when we lament about the messiness of student work or moments of frustration when we respond to student papers—that we need to be sensitive to the intellectual hills that students climb as they progress through course work. His text serves as a reminder that messiness is normal as students move through steep learning curves."

While the review suggests that much of the text is geared towards un undergraduate composition course, I'm going to ask our library to order it.  If you've read it and have reactions to share, please do so!


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