Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Typos in federal civil rights petition cost attorney $154k

A Philadelphia federal district court judge docked an attorney approximately $154,000.00 in requested legal fees in connection with a civil rights case for typos and other errors in a court filing.  The judge called the attorney's work a "slip-shod submission."  Among the mistakes cited by Senior U.S. District Court Judge J. William Ditter Jr. were misspellings such as "plaintf," "Philadephia," "attoreys," "reasonbale" and "Ubited States."

Further raising the judge's ire were, among other substantive errors, the misquoting of a federal statute, listing the wrong court rules and mistakenly referencing a U.S. Supreme Court dissenting opinion as a concurring opinion.

Rarely has the failure to use spell-check cost so much.

Hat tip to the ABA Blog.

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