Friday, October 3, 2008

Monty Python props

Holyhandgrenades Admit it--it's your guilty pleasure--some of you are Monty Python fans. We know that some legal writing profs wear costume-y things at times (does Darth Vader ring a bell?), so if you are (coco)nuts about Monty Python (especially the Holy Grail characters), check out this site for wonderful props to enhance your classroom teaching--or make things more interesting for the neighborhood kids who trick-or-treat your house.Timtheenchanterhat

Whether it's King Arthur's tunic (wonderful to wear while saying, "A duck!"), or Tim the Enchanter's fashionable horned skullcap, or a bobblehead of one of the Knights of Ni, or a pair of Holy Hand Grenades, you will surely find something you cannot live (or teach) without.


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