Saturday, September 27, 2008

laptops & legal writing

This semester I asked my students not to bring laptops to legal writing class.  (I do encourage them to bring their laptops when they are having a lesson dedicated specifically to research techniques, which they can identify by the syllabus.)  It has been very refreshing to see them.  Period.  To see their eyes and facial expressions, to see if they are following the conversation or confused, even to see if they need a seventh-inning stretch.  The whole classroom atmosphere feels more relaxed.  I don't know if they feel any more relaxed than they would otherwise, but I sure feel more relaxed in the classroom than I did last year, because I'm not teaching while having the irritating feeling that I'm competing for their attention with the entire Internet. 


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I have a total "no electronics" rule in my classroom. I know when they're on their computers they are just e-mailing, IMing and facebooking each other, so I just put a stop to it. It is great -- they definitely pay more attention to me.

Posted by: Ariella | Sep 30, 2008 10:20:14 AM

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