Monday, September 29, 2008

could be an interesting fact pattern . . .

OK, I couldn't find the article in any periodical that I would even admit to reading, but stories of whether stolen pics of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding her baby could result in child porn charges against the photo-seller are just irresistible to someone who looks at life as one big montage of potential fact patterns.

Statutory construction . . . IIED . . . invasion of privacy . . . theft  . . . so many possibilities!!  And was it stupid or a publicity-seeking stunt when her boyfriend dropped the memory card off at WalMart?  (Yes.  WalMart.  Could this be any better?)

This scenario would just be too fun.  And add in the serious topic of whether a photo of a mother breastfeeding could ever be considered pornographic . . . yes.  A great fact pattern could come out of this.

And for the record, I got the initial report off  :)


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