Sunday, August 17, 2008

what's on your office door?

Images As a new semester starts, many legal writing professors are busy posting information on virtual and real world bulletin boards.  In a time-honored academic tradition, many are also updating the notices and comic strips taped on their office doors.  A few years ago, I put a bulletin board on my office door, so I no longer have to bother with tape and can easily save gems to re-post year to year.

Here's what's on my office door to greet our newest lawyers-in-training:

1)  A poster, handed out at an ALWD conference about decade ago, quoting Daniel Webster:
"The power of clear statement is the great power of the bar."

2)  My favorite law-related comic, just one frame, set in a prison cell.  A cellmate asks the Energizer bunny, "what are you in for?"  The reply:  "battery."

3) A Dilbert cartoon that would get lost in translation here but basically encourages the millennium generation to not assume they rule the universe.

So, what's on your office door?


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