Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The forsaken pen gets a high-tech makeover - "Smartpen" debuts

SmartpenI ran across this at the local Target yesterday - a new high-tech pen being marketed specifically to students called the "Smartpen." The package includes the pen and some special note-taking paper students use to handwrite their class notes.  The pen records their writing which can be later uploaded to a computer (as the box says:  "The Smartpen lets you leave your bulky laptop at home"). 

And just in case students miss any of the professor's words, the "Smartpen" includes a micro recording device that allows students to make an audio record of the class for uploading to a computer or manual playback through a mini-speaker built into the pen itself. (Query whether the instructions warn students about possible copyright violations for recording their professor's lectures without permission).

Here's a link to the company website which includes a demonstration video.  And here's a link to a favorable product review by PC Magazine.

Target was selling these for $149.00 for the complete package which includes the pen, special note-taking paper, and software. 

(Please note -- neither the blog-masters nor the scholarship dude himself endorses the Smartpen or Target -- we just report the news).

I am the scholarship dude.


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