Thursday, August 21, 2008

the effect of self-handicapping on GPA

Our scholarship dude has just reported on Leah Christensen's study finding student performance in legal writing courses to be a strong predictor of success in law school. Can we add another factor into the mix?

Catherine_dunham_2 Catherine Ross Dunham (Elon) has published her findings on self-handicapping law school student behavior in Hidden Obstacles in the Mass Culture of American Legal Education: An Empirical Analysis, 32 Okla. City U. L. Rev. 237 (2007). Dunham's study suggests that "an individual student's self-attributed achiever type correlates to the student's year in law school and GPA. Most significantly, the results of the study suggest that a law student's GPA correlates with the student's self-handicapping score and, further, that GPA is predictive of his self-handicapping score."

So therefore, if a student self-handicaps in the legal writing course . . .?

hat tip for Dunham article: Law Librarian Blog


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