Saturday, August 16, 2008

recent moot court "best brief" publications

J0434777Several of the national moot court tournaments publish the winning briefs in their law schools' specialty journals. Here are some of the "best briefs" published in the last two years. If you know of others (or if you can supply missing information about the brief authors and their law schools below), please let us know:

  • Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition Problem, Brief Written by Amanda L. Binns, Christine C. Owen & Justin F. Paget (law school not named), 32 Tul. Mar. L.J. 385 (2007).
  • National Health Law Moot Court Competition, Brief Written Brent A. Sumner & Heather P. McCollum (St. Louis University School of Law), 28 J. Legal Med. 455 (2007).
  • National Juvenile Law Moot Court Competition, Brief Written by Catherine Tucker & Andy West (Duke University School of Law), 7 Whittier J. Child & Fam. Advoc. 169 (2007).
  • Native American Law Student Association Moot Court Competition, Brief Written by Gabriel Martinez & L. Lisa Sandoval (Columbia University School of Law), 32 Am. Indian L. Rev. 293 (2007-2008).
  • Tulane Moot Court Mardi Gras Invitational (Sports Law), Villanova Law School (authors not named), 15 Sports Lawyers J. 369 (2008).


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