Monday, August 4, 2008

more reasons to be careful about Facebook postings

Welcome_3I recently joined Facebook, mainly to be a "fan" of the Legal Writing Institute, but also because I am trying to evolve into a 21st century prof, Boomer that I am. I particularly like my co-blogger Mark Wojcik's warning to students in his Facebook profile, advising them that potential employers can check their Facebook entries and therefore to be careful about what's being posted there. (For a story about one unlucky Facebooker (Facebookie? Facebookist?), read this.)

Now comes another reason to be careful, this one from The Shark, a CAL LAW blog aimed at law students. It seems that California prosecutors have recently used Facebook profiles during the sentencing phase of drunk driving cases. Maybe that will get your students' attention, if Mark's warning does not.


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