Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Article in Sunday's NYT's about the new literacy

In case you missed it, the Sunday NYT's had a great front page article discussing the impact of computers on children's literacy.  Among other points, the article noted that the definition of literacy may need to be reworked in the years ahead as children forgo books in favor of gaining most of their knowledge from the Internet.    While the article laments declining national reading test scores, it also suggests that the ability to efficiently navigate and locate information on the web may become the kind of bona fide, valuable skill that that helps students succeed academically and in the job market.   

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Directly related to this, the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute has just published an article by Professor Jason Eyster of the Ava Marie School of Law in which he argues that as we move towards a visual society, lawyers should and need to learn the communicative techniques employed by visual artists as a way to better advocate for their clients.   Professor Eyster's article is entitled "Lawyer as Artist:  Using Significant Moments and Obtuse Objects to Enhance Advocacy" and can be found here:  http://www.journallegalwritinginstitute.org/

It's an important article that anyone with an interest in effective legal advocacy and persuasion theory should read.

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I greatly enjoyed reading this article and I think that the ideas are novel and fascinating. It has helped me understand some of the choices that I unconsciously made in previous legal storytelling and I am sure that I will refer back to it in future lawyering. While the article was still in draft last year I was already using parts of it last year (upper level writing courses). Congratulations Jason!


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