Thursday, July 17, 2008

All About India

Lwi_logoWalter_marilynProfessor Marilyn Walter discussed her experiences teaching at law schools in India. 

She said that law schools in India are interested in improving their instruction in legal writing, and that there are many opportunities for U.S. professors to teach legal writing, research, statutory analysis, and other subjects.

She described her day-to-day experiences (such as difficulties in accessing the internet and finding a printer), the considerations she made in selecting course materials (how much U.S. law, how much the law of India, etc.), and how wonderful her overall experience was (imagine the great feeling of having all of your students stand up when you enter the classroom!).

I am so thrilled that Marilyn went to India, and that she shared her experiences with us.  She learned new ways of putting together materials, and new ways of working with students. 

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