Wednesday, June 25, 2008

conference on integrating the law school curriculum

The University of Washington School of Law is hosting a working conference, Legal Education at the Crossroads — Ideas to Accomplishments: Sharing New Ideas for an Integrated Curriculum, September 5-7, 2008. The conference is intended to respond to suggestions from the Carnegie Foundation's report, Educating Lawyers: Preparation for the Profession of Law.

Almost 90 deans and professors from around the U.S. will present at the conference. There will be three types of presentations:

1) On Saturday, September 6, Showcase Stations organized around six themes will demonstrate what, why and how schools or individual faculty have accomplished curriculum innovations and provide materials to help other schools build on these efforts.

2) These Showcase Stations will be followed by Workshops organized around the same themes to discuss proposals for innovation and provide assistance in developing those ideas.

3) On Sunday morning, plenary sessions and small group discussions will address How to Make it Happen.

Registration is required and closes August 22, 2008.  Apparently hotel rooms are going fast for that weekend in Seattle, due to the UW vs. BYU football game.

hat tip:  Professor Debbie Maranville


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