Saturday, June 7, 2008

a move & an opening

Keith_elizabeth06 Professor Elizabeth Keith, the Assistant Director of the Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Program at George Mason Law School, is moving to the Legal Rhetoric Program at American University Washington College of Law.  It's hard to imagine two law schools with more different focus (focuses?  foci?), so Elizabeth looks to be in for a big change. 

Anyone interested in applying for the now open position of Assistant Director of the LRWA Program at George Mason, should refer to the school's job posting for position number FA811z.

hat tip:  Professor Jennifer Hodge


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How are the schools so differently focused? Thanks.

Posted by: Joseph Bazan | Jun 8, 2008 6:31:19 PM

George Mason is firmly in the Law & Economics camp, while American was founded as the first U.S. law school for women. They represent bookends of mainstream U.S. ideologies about the law, with GM quite conservative and AU quite liberal.

Posted by: Sue Liemer | Jun 14, 2008 11:57:26 AM

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