Friday, May 9, 2008

self-edit certification

Temm_wanda ~~~from Wanda Temm, UMKC School of Law

Like many of us, I have just emerged from another round of critiquing briefs.  I find one of the most frustrating things in critquing papers is finding basic mistakes or just typos that the drafter should have caught with a basic proofread.   With over-reliance on spell-check and grammar-check, proofreading skills are not where they should be in many of our students.
Frustrated that our pleas to "please proofread more carefully" go unnoticed, my colleagues and I seek to instill ownership of proofreading by requiring our students to complete a self-edit certification.  Our aim is to break proofreading down into concrete steps for our students.  The certification was originally designed by my colleagues, Professors Nancy Levit and Allen Rostron, for use with law review notes and comments.  I am now incorporating this self-edit certification into the first year legal writing program and would like your help.  The draft certification is now available on SSRN at  Please take a look at let us know how we can improve this work in progress.


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