Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Editorial Board of the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute

The Editorial Board for the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute is seeking applications for membership on the Editorial Board and applications for those interested in serving as Assistant Editors.

A complete description of the Journal, its mission, editorial policy and guidelines for Board membership is available here.

New members of the Editorial Board will serve a four year term beginning July 2008.  Several openings on the Editorial Board are anticipated due to term limits. Editorial Board members are responsible for reviewing and evaluating submitted manuscripts and working with other Board members and Assistant Editors in editing manuscripts selected for publication.

The Journal is also interested in receiving applications for those interested in serving as Assistant Editors. Anyone can apply to be in the pool of Assistant Editors but your appointment will not be complete until you work as part of a team of Assistant Editors who perform the technical edit on an article.  At that point, your name will be included in the masthead for that volume and the Editor-in-Chief will send a letter to your Dean acknowledging your service to the JournalAssistant Editors may work on as many volumes of the Journal as they wish without limitation. The Journal would like to accommodate as many applicants as possible in light of the needs of the Journal and the applicants' qualifications. Set forth below are the relevant Journal Policies regarding application, appointment and service as an Assistant Editor. Prior service as an Assistant Editor counts very favorably towards appointment as an Editorial Board member.

The Editorial Board anticipates announcing the names of successful candidates for Editorial Board and Assistant Editor positions prior to this summer's LWI conference in Indianapolis

To apply for either, or both, positions, please send an email to James B. Levy  with a letter of interest, resume and (for Editorial Board Membership only), an academic writing sample (in lieu of the writing sample, we prefer a link to your scholarship on the SSRN network or citations to your published work).  Applications must be received by Monday, May 19, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Please include in the subject line whether you are applying for Board membership, Assistant Editor, or both.

Excerpts of relevant Editorial Board and Assistant Editor policies are as follows:

Section 2 Selection of Board Members

2.3 Candidates for Editorial Board membership must be current members of LWI. Past service as an assistant editor on the Journal is desirable. Additional experiences that will be considered favorably include, but are not limited to: law review membership during law school; publication of one or more law review articles, books, or shorter works; and service as an editor or reviewer of a scholarly journal.

2.4 Candidates for Editorial Board membership shall be evaluated by the full Editorial Board and recommended for membership by majority vote. If more than one opening must be filled, the Editorial Board shall recommend that each opening be filled by a separate vote. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a run-off vote shall be held between the two candidates with the greatest number of votes.

2.5 A list of successful candidates shall be submitted by the Editorial Board to the LWI Board for its approval. The LWI Board shall promptly approve or reject the candidates. Those candidates approved by the LWI Board shall be invited to join the Editorial Board no later than two weeks before the biennial LWI conference, or by some other deadline agreed upon by the Editorial Board.

Section 3 Selection of Assistant Editors

3.3 Selection of Assistant Editors shall be based on the needs of the Journal and the experience of the applicants. The Editorial Board shall try to accommodate all those interested in working on the Journal.

3.4 Assistant Editors shall work under the general supervision of the Editorial Board. Each Assistant Editor shall be given a copy of the LWI Journal's "Procedures for Assistant Editors" which explains the duties of an Assistant Editor in detail.

3.5 Assistant Editors shall not serve for a defined term of years, but shall be assigned by the Editorial Board to work on specific articles scheduled for publication in the Journal. Their service shall end upon publication of their assigned article(s). Assistant Editors, however, may request additional assignments without limitation.

Section 5 Terms of Service of Editorial Board Members

5.1 Editorial Board Members shall serve staggered four-year terms, with appointments made by the LWI Board at two year intervals to coincide with LWI's biennial conference.

5.2 Editorial Board Members may serve no more than two consecutive four-year terms.

5.3 Editorial Board Members who have served two consecutive terms may reapply for Editorial Board membership, subject to the approval of the LWI Board, four years after the end of their last term.

5.4 No member of the Editorial Board may serve more than four terms.

5.5 If the Editorial Board determines that an editor is not performing satisfactorily, it shall provide that person 30 days written notice concerning the Board's dissatisfaction.

5.6 Following this notice, the Board may recommend to the LWI Board, by two-thirds vote, that the editor in question be removed before expiration of that editor's term.

5.7 The term limits established in this section may be exceeded, subject to the approval of the LWI Board, in the following circumstances:

a. The term of an Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, or Managing Editor may be extended by majority vote of the Editorial Board, if necessary for that editor to see a volume through to publication. The extension shall last only until the volume in question is published, at which time the editor shall step down.

b. The term of an Editorial Board Member serving as of January 2004 may be extended in accordance with Section 6, subject to approval by the LWI Board, to ensure the continued successful operation of the Journal.

c. The Editorial Board may recommend to the LWI Board, by two-thirds vote, that the term of any editor be extended when necessary to ensure the continued success of the Journal.

Hat tip to Jim Levy.



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