Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank You to Our Readers

Visits to the Legal Writing Prof Blog have increased tremendously in the past few months.  We thank you for visiting and hope to continue providing you with interesting posts.  Please remember that the Legal Writing Prof Blog is an authorized distraction from grading memos and briefs.

In December 2007 we had 2,561 visits and 3,623 page views.

In January 2008 we had 3,912 visits and 6,067 page views.

In February 2008 we had 4,645 visits and 7,243 page views.

In March 2008 we had 5,727 visits and 8,813 page views.

You can click on the Sitemeter (on the left side of your computer screen) to see this in a graph and to see how we're doing so far for April.


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